Miss USA
is important enough for FOX to call "news".
Fox Screams, You Believe.

030524-Sara s

"Are you Tara Conner?"

Miss USA is a nubile young beauty named Tara Conner. With that name she better keep an eye out for The Terminator.

A native Kentuckian, Tara likes to drink, party and have marathon public lesbian makeout sessions with Miss Teen USA.

Flag quote open clear2
She is the greatest Miss USA this nation has ever seen.
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~ Dick Cheney


In mid-December 2006, Tara's behavior nearly caused her to lose her title, but she received a reprieve from a kindly older gentleman named The Donald. She must manage to keep her sexuality at bay unless she is competing in a pageant on national television supported by advertiser dollars.

Good luck to you Miss Conner, the heroes, male and female, but mostly male, are rooting for you.

Another Miss USA?Edit

What the hell? Tara isn't Miss USA any more?

Who said that!?

This cannot be, I refuse to believe it...

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