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Miss Liberal is a variation of an internets game that targets pre-teen girls and what's popular with that demographic. Miss Liberal, however, is a game where Americans can create and maintain a virtual pet liberal and compete to see who will be the next liberal anti-Christ!


To create a virtual pet liberal to compete with other virtual pet liberals to become the next liberal anti-Christ! Earn global warming points that you can turn into Al Qaeda Bucks!

In the sections below, players can:

  • Choose a name that best represents how much you hate America
  • Create your own "look" that best says how you "Hate America"
  • Worship a liberal celebrity, to model your own life after
  • Create a significant other that will best embarrass your parents and hurt The Baby Jesus
  • Choose a liberal-style "house" to live in
  • Choose one of America's values to protest, whine and complain about
  • Collect Al Qaeda Bucks with every America-hating task you complete1

Create Your Virtual Pet LiberalEdit

Your Virtual Pet Liberal's NameEdit

  • Hillary
  • Obama
  • Satan

Your Virtual Pet Liberal's "Look"Edit

  • clothes (grungy flannel, 1960's retro, with stupid hat, 1970's bellbottoms or 80's punk retro)
  • hairstyle (shaggy mop, dreadlocks, afro, stylishly unwashed)
  • tramp stamp tattoo (Celtic-wannabe, tribal-wannabe or random anti-American phrase)

The Liberal Celebrity Worshiped By Your Virtual Pet LiberalEdit

  • Al Gore
  • Barbra Streisand
  • Satan
  • MIchael Moore

Your Virtual Pet Liberal's "Significant Other"Edit

  • a homosexual
  • a minority
  • a former prisoner
  • a current prisoner
  • a terrorist
  • an illegal immigrant

Your Virtual Pet Liberal's HomeEdit

  • a cave
  • a commune
  • your parent's basement

Hating AmericaEdit

Protest Against...Edit

  • Christianity
  • man-woman marriage

America-hating TasksEdit

  • get an abortion
  • throw a pie an a Great American
  • donate money to a democrat candidate


You can redeem your global warming points for Al Qaeda Bucks for any item at the Al Qaeda store!

To Get this Prize, you will need... ...this many Global Warming Points
Al Gore Is God t-shirt 100 gwps
There is no God! 200 gwps
Prize A 300 gwps
72 virgins 1,000 gwps

Current PlayersEdit

Name of pet liberal Things currently owned Global Warming Points currently owned

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