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Milton Friedman
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The market is never wrong


Milton Friedman: Man of the New American Century


Here I come to save the day!

Milton Friedman (1912-2006) was a Nobel Prize winning economist and one of the primary figures of the school of "neoliberal economics" and/or "neoconservative politics," which have become increasing synonymous as more and more righteous Americans have figure out that to be successful you really must be an economic liberal.

Now lets all thank uncle melty for our fabuless economy.

Milton's big "Chile" cookoffEdit

In 1975, Friedman accepted the invitation of a private foundation to visit Chile and lecture on principles of invisible hand of the freemarket. Friedman also met with the military dictator, President Augusto Pinochet, during his visit, but he did not serve as a formal advisor to the Chilean government. Instead, Chilean graduates of The Chicago School of Economics (AKA...True Americans to the South) and its new local chapters were appointed to key positions in the new government, which allowed them to advise the dictator on economic policies in accord with the School's economic doctrine. The Economy faced a horrific recession for years and a greater gap between the rich and the poor. Milton claimed this was not from his Economic Policy's, but for too much government spending. 20 years later, with a little more policy adjustment, some military enforcement imposed on its people, a pinch of Oregano and walla....Chile is a step foward to a new world order.

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