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Do you know something? ...about clog dancing? native basket weaving? portuguese pottery? Well Miles knows more and you're inherently an idiot.

Disgrace To Uniform Edit

Miles Obrien

Senior Chief Petty Officer Miles Edward O'Brien once secretly loved the greatly revered and lovely Chief Medical Officer Ziloedad. His sick obsession with her lead to rage when he discovered his source of such pleasureful infatuation spent her idle time fantasizing of the honorable Tek Jansen, of Alpha Squad 7th Command.

During a lunch break, Miles slipped into the transporter room and had apprently planned to dematerialize himself and be transported across the star system wearing diapers? to confront Mr. Jansen. The attempt was in vain. He was caught, discharged from Starfleet, stripped of his uniform and instead, beamed back to earth to anchor for CNN for the rest of his existence.

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