Austin Powers
Does Mile High Club
make you horny, baby?

Baby Jesus
Mile High Club
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!


"Nailed 'Em"
Two hotmosexual Slutty Flight Attendants holding hands in obvious orgasmic bliss after Stephen Colbert earns his Admiralty Wings in The Mile High Club.


The Mile High Club
Traveling in real comfort can be good clean fun.


Luftansa Lavatory Sign
Unlike uptight US airlines, German carrier Luftansa encourages High Mileage.

The "Mile High Club" is an elite association made up entirely of those who have copulated in an airborne aircraft. Invented by Orville Wright, Kitty Hawk, SC, circa 1904

  • Also known as "Going/Gone to Heaven."
  • Non-qualifying acts:
  1. Gay sex: Homos will do it anywhere, they don't count.
  2. Oral Sex: Is Abstinence Education approved, so it is pure, thus isn't sex.
  3. Masturbation: That's just pathetic.
  4. Beastiality: Sexing fat flight attendants is a Sin.
  5. Voyuerism: Watching is not doing.

Mile High Club LevelsEdit


Rites of Passage
A hesitent Slutty Flight Attendant is encourage by her sister attendents to join with them and Stepen Colbert in some Mile High hotmosexual action.

  • Charter Member: One qualifying act.
  • Bronze Member: Two-five acts.
  • Gold Member: five-10 acts.
  • Platinum: 10 or more or one of the following acts:
  1. Airborne bagging of a Slutty Flight Attendant.
  2. A threesome.
  • Elite:
  1. Doing it in the Cockpit.
  2. Doing in your seat while other passengers watch.
  • Admiralty: Over 50 qualifying acts and at least two acts from either Platinum or Elite levels.
  • Ace (AKA Maverick): Doing it while making a hypersonic low level flyover.

Frequent FlyersEdit

Galley sfa

"Monte, I think I'll take what's behind curtain number two."
Two hotmosexual Slutty Flight Attendants caught with Stephen in a meeting of The Mile High Club.

Fun Mile High Stories, BE BRIEF AND TRUTHY!Edit

  • On honeymoon, flight delayed, couldn't wait to get airborne. Went into lavatory w/wife, got very busy. Removed from lavatory and escorted off plane by TSA and LAX Police, detained and questioned by FBI for three hours then released. --PhantomDuck 10:46, 17 June 2009 (UTC)

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"Mile High Club"
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