Mike Murphy is just a regular joe, who would really just want to sit around drinking beer with friends shooting the empty cans out back.

But, since September 11th, Mike has stepped up and come to the plate for his country, that he loves very, very much.

It's Not About PartisanshipEdit

No, it's not. Mike is a straight-shooter and knows who the good guys are. That's why he's on the right side of this War on Terror.

What Mike DoesEdit

Mike does what any God-fearing, red-blooded, all-American son would do for God and his country. If you loved The Baby Jesus and mom and apple pie and America, you would do what Mike does too.

Mike Has To Be On TVEdit

Mike has to go on TV. there are so many liberals on TV, that if Mike wasn't on every show, at every hour, via satellite or tape-delay, no one would know what a good American Patriot would look like.

I'ts Really A ShameEdit

Yes it is.

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