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The Nintendo Mii Edit

A Mii is a false virtual self, an authentic replication of you. When Nintendo created the Wii they had to make a way of getting "you" in the game. But they couldn't do that, so they put "Mii" in the game.

Miis look just like you in everyway, with a single exception; Miis lack any audio organs and do not posses ears. The thing about Miis is that if you’re black your Mii can still be white! And if you’re white you Mii can be a black guy! If you’re a republican your Mii can be democratic and so on!

LifeStyle Edit

Miis are happy little creatures that once made lead a very simple yet productive life. Miis play all types of sports and often enjoy running in big parades for no reason. It's just their thing I guess.

They play lots of tennis, boxing, baseball, and bowling. Miis do not have jobs or hobbies, not because they were not programmed into them but since Miis are a replica of their geeky owner they are geeky and thus have no hobbies.

They are lonely people who only live their social life through various parades and gatherings. Miis are also commonly known as gnomes, trolls, Mii Miis, pixies, fairies, dragons, tools, midgets, and to some people they are known as "Best Friend". *Hugs Reader*

Clothing Edit

Miis are always used to unbearably usual and typical clothes. Their shirts come in 10 colors and their pants can only be black or red. They own no festive clothes or elaborate bikinis. They are a simple folk who only live off the land.

Mii Rumors Edit

It is rumored that...

Miis have no privates.

Miis pants are in so many colors we can only see two.

Miis have incest.

Miis have no bellybuttons.

Someday Miis will take all of our jobs.

Miis have no souls.

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