Al Franken
Middle Class has earned

America is not a communist nation; we're American, damnit!

We don't have classes except for in school, which is really home, so that's not even a class either.

All Americans are the, wait, that's too communistic...we're not all the same, but that's not to say there are classes that separates people by how much money their ancestors bequeathed them.

It's the playing field that's equal, not the people. The people are individuals who all have the same values and want the exact same thing for America:

  1. to go back to being a Christian nation, like we were before Nancy Pelosi
  2. and all that that implies.

So, Why Use The Word "Middle"?Edit

In America, we don't have a monarchy, we have entrepreneurs who earn their money and invest it in each other's businesses.

Entrepreneurs work hard and deserve everything the market has to offer.

And more.

It is this concept or working that really separates Americans. For those who work, all of America's bounty is theirs for the picking. For those who are too lazy or liberal, comes nothing.

And in the middle is the "Jan Brady" of America's economic family, the middle class.

Okay, so class is still in the name, but that's only because that's what FDR decided to call it, not because that's what it is.

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