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Al Franken
Microsoft has earned

The Software by Microsoft is made to make your life easier, but instead it brings the close relationship between your computer and you to 2 warring nations, like Iran and America. As we have seen Stephen slam his computer because of the evil Commie Program Windows XP, people are unaware of Stephen's Secret plan to Americanize Windows into a new OS that is friendly to Americans (MAC, UNIX, Linux?). The Commie terror has been infecting America since the 1980s when Bill Gates who has finally quit drinking but had been drinking since joined forces with the spirit of Joseph Stalin and Created Windows 3.1. After corrupting the American computer market, Gates claimed Microsoft as big brother and the internet realm as his 1984. But Stephen using his magical powers drove off the evil spirit of Stalin and Gates cured his problem and now is giving instead of dominating. And on the Verge of Windows Vista what Hero will save us from its bugs/crashes/cracks/and plain just doesn't work. We all know who, in our hearts.

Firefox Edit

Stephen has owned Microsoft's own IE by getting everyone to switch to Firefox. Besides being safer and more secure than IE (and being more reliable and less unwilling to crash AND has less ad-ware) it's endorsed BY STEPHEN. So you commie infested victims still using IE, SWITCH TO FIREFOX.

Jobs At MicrosoftEdit


Freelance Internet Content Provider

  • Job Description: You will need your own computer, preferably one that works, a Mac for instance. Or anything that runs on Linux.
  • Experience: 4th grade reading level
  • Hours Needed: 2-3 hours per day, 5 days a week
  • Special Skills/Equipment Needed:
    • an account on Wikipedia or familiarity with editing/posting on wikis
    • an email account to receive instructions from supervisor

External TubesEdit

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