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A Microphone is device that changes sound waves into electricity, which can then be changed back into sound waves. The idea that allows this to happen is called magic.

Critical to the invention of radio, microphones (and their American counterpart speakers) have helped usher in the "Age of Communication"!

Microphones can be found in almost every communication device, from:

  • telephones
  • podiums
  • bullhorns
  • various NSA listening devices

Speakers can be found in:

  • telephones
  • radios
  • televisions


Originally just two cups connected by a string, the microphone allowed primitive peoples to relay important information over distances[1].

Once mankind conquered fire and began using all of God's gifts[2] the microphone's design was catapulted by leaps and bounds.

String was replaced with radio-active copper wire and the paper cups were replaced with solid-state lead containers the size of a small boxcar.

Soon America came into the picture[3]. And soon, ingenuity began to transform the industry. Gone were the bulky and cumberson boxcars; in floated the graceful and sleek cellphones we see today.

Uses for Microphones in Modern AmericaEdit

Dangers of Using MicrophonesEdit

(they might be left on!)


  1. Like, who was sleeping with whom, and when was the wife coming home
  2. Like precious and semi-precious metals
  3. The real reason America went to war with Japan during World War II, was to conquer their manufacturing geniuses and miniature geishas, who were experts in tiny electronic devices.

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