Should We Make a Page For "Micromanage"?

To whom it may concern;

It has come to my attention that a page for micromanage would be prudent. Please advice.

--Karen Hughes

Re: Making a Page for "Micromanage"
Per your inquiry on making a page for "micromanage":
Please submit a summary showing the information you wish to include on the page.
Send copies to John Yoo and Frank Luntz
--K. Rove

"Micromanage" Information


I feel a brief definition and perhaps a few examples would suffice.

--Karen Hughes

I Have A Degree In Management
Thank You Mr. President
Mr. President;
Thank you for your input.
I Have A Degree In Management
hey, baldy, whuss a micro manage
Micromanage Definition
Definition of micromanage:
to manage especially with excessive control or attention to details
Doctor Mrs. POTUS

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