not to be confused with Mark Foley, The Republican Democrat boy-lover

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Mick Foley
is a correspondent for "The Daily Show"

Nothing but Libural Gay Lies! The Harcore Sports of Wrestling has nothing to do with teh geys! There is nothing Gay about two men wrestling each other!
This is nothing but slander I tell ya!

Mick Foley is a dangerous gay bear wrestler who support gay marriage and protect little boys from "gaywads"

His Life as a Gay BearEdit

Mick foley


Escaping From a Mental InstituteEdit



Wrestling Gay DudesEdit

His Hippie Gay Life StyleEdit

Dude Love Mick Foley


Daily Show: Senior AsskickerEdit

Mick Foley Opens a Can of Whoopass on CongressEdit

Senior Ass-kicker Mick Foley was present on Congress when many members were given an asskicking for refusing to support a bill to help victims of rape. When asked the members of Congress what happened they refused to comment on fear of being asskicked again, but they agreed that they should support the bill for America. To further gain more support, Senior Ass-kicker Mick Foley has promised that he would hold a private chat with anyone against the bill to help them understand the importance of the bill.

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Will Phillips

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