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The biggest and brightest star in the GOP universe, Michele Bachmann, has inspired millions with her soaring rhetoric and unimpeachable political logic.

Now, she has outdone herself!

In October, 2008, Representative Bachmann has asked no, demanded that all elected officials swear an oath to her pet issues[1].

Initially, she only wanted Congress persons to vow to hate terrorists, perhaps in lieu of swearing to uphold the Constitution, but she has also asked Americans to help create a list of other things that Congress people should take a vow against. contacted the honorable Ms. Bachmann and created this page to help her achieve a pure America.

Other Things That Should Be Included On Bachmann's ListEdit

  • swear to defeat bears!
  • swear never to read a bill from beginning to end. It only causes more Big Government.

[[Category:Since the DEBATE IN VIVA LAS VEGAS, GOP Romanced Wayne Newton- - Mr. Las Vegas, America is on the Baby Watch!! Especially, GOPs’ stance on Abortion, - ANTI-use of any forms of birth controls and numerous Anti-Abortion Bills Republicans introduced in US Congress. HOW about,…. Pregnant Michele Bachmann costumes.]]

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