Michaëlle Jean
is too Canadian, speak American, eh.

Michaelle Jean


Almost the Queen Edit

Michaëlle Jean is the current Govenor General of Canada. She is Queen Elizabeth’s representative in Canada, and the head of state. Her powers include multilingualism, media savvy and magic missile.

Early Years Edit

Michaëlle Jean is not Canadian born; she was actually born in Haiti. She came to Canada when her parents migrated to escape poverty and pursue a new life in the maple syrup mines in the province of Quebec. Michaëlle went on to have a career in propaganda dissemination with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Rise to Power Edit



Michaëlle Jean’s rise to the position of Governor General of Canada came shortly after she threatened then Prime Minister Paul Martin with magic missile. In a state of fear, Martin recommended to Queen Elizabeth that she appoint Jean as Governor General, and her dark reign could begin.

Michaëlle Jean is widely considered the most bangable Governor General since Jeanne Sauvé, or maybe Adrienne Clarkson if you were drunk enough.

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