Mexican Food
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Area of Origin Edit

Mexican food is any food found in countries south of the REAL America. (i.e. Mexico, Honduras, Colombia, and any other third world hellhole south of the REAL America).

Ingredients Edit

All Mexican food is built of a very few basic ingredients: meat (or beans if you're a tree-hugging vegetarian), cheese, tortilla, and vegetables. Occasionally, a dish will be made "Supreme" with the addition of a little sour cream. This is the crowning achievement of Mexican cuisine. Some of the most popular Mexican dishes are:

  • Chalupa
  • Gordita
  • Nacho Bell Grande
  • Mexican Pizza
  • Whackamole
  • Zesty Chicken Border Bowl
  • Crunch Wrap Supreme
  • Corona with a lime in it

Gastrointestinal Threat To America? Edit

Many leading scientists and national security officals fear that Mexican food is being cleverly deployed as a tactic to invade America.

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