Mensa, like the Republican Party (see crossmembership) is a group of people who get together to gloat about how much smarter they are than anyone who is not a member. Due to the fact that many members are unemployable due to social handicaps and an inability to master the skills needed for adequate personal hygiene, these meetings can be held anywhere, at any time. If you have ever walked into a social setting comprised of geeky-looking unwashed people giggling amongst themselves, you have probably stumbled into a Mensa meeting.

History of Mensa

Mensa was founded in 1912 by three members of the AV Club of Parsippany High School. Since they didn't have much to do (as there wasn't much AV in 1912) this trio developed various "tests" which purported to show whether others were as clever as they were. They charged $5.00 to anyone willing to take these "tests," and a score of 93% qualified that person to join their club.

Since that time, the membership of Mensa has grown to at least 350, although the organization claims thousands of members worldwide. Their current standard battery of tests is just difficult enough that the scores do not eliminate anyone who has the annual membership fee of $500.

Future of Mensa

We can't know. We simply aren't smart enough to predict that.

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