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A memo is a way for laws to get made outside the normal channels. Despite what Chairman Barack Hussein Obama might tell you, releasing them to the public hurts Dick Cheney the country. It would be like The Vatican releasing its plans to take over the world ... shelter child molesters ... save our souls. Besides, memos are so complicated and totally boring. You wouldn't be interested anyway, so why not just relax and watch TV? That's right... American Idol or one of those housewife shows is on ... maybe one of the Law & Orders is on ...

Memos That Are Too Complicated For Us To UnderstandEdit

  • 2005 memo (that was supposed to have been destroyed!) for anyone in The Greatest Administration Ever except Rumsfeld by then-State Department counselor Philip Zelikow, then-Acting Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon England, and then-Deputy Assistant Secretary for Detainee Affairs Matthew Waxman

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