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Meh (negative utterance)

The now widely used word "meh" was created for the use of describing a lack of care or effort to a particular situation, or is mainly used as a word of lazy expression.

The word 'Meh' means the following thing;

An easier alternative to say; "I don't care/give a damn/shit..."

                             ; "...couldn't care less..."
                             ;or even a form of un-certainty - "I don't know..."
                             ;or even to express unbridled blandness of something or someone.

The origin of the term is unknown, probably because the people supposed to be finding that out couldn't be assed to do so. But it is used widely in the teenage youth category of the human race, and is also a favorite of the Internets-Americans. But, plainly, all age categories use this word.

"Meh" is pronounced as it sounds, and also as it is spelled: M-eh. "Meh" belongs in that class of American language words which sound exactly like themselves, most likely because it is a word which doesn't take much mouth movement to be said in able to be easily understood by others.

See Also: Who Cares

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