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Megatron (Full name; Dr Josiah Megatron Ulysses Focker PhD) is the most popular and well-known former leader of the Decepticon army, after Karl Rove, Macho Man Randy Savage and Grumpy Bear, and is credited with recasting the army's media image from that of a group of bloody thirsty manipulative bastards to that of the happy, fun-loving go-getters that they really are. Megatron was one of the founders of the Decepticons as well which began as a bear fan club whose members were mostly robotic hippies. Megatron is still much loved in Arkansas for his championing of the type of cheeseburger that puts the cheese in-between two pieces of meat. He is also widely recognised as the former spokesperson for Gibson brand guitars.

Megatron made headlines in the mid-1980s for his highly publicised confrontations with former US President Optimus Prime. The reason for their fights has been lost to time and hyperbole, but many believe that it stems from Megatron's claims that Prime continually cock-blocked him at a party hosted by Bob Saget at his large L.A. mansion in 1984. It has been discovered however that Megatron and Prime were hippies back on their home planet, but Megatron became hostile when Optimus became president and one of the Bear Hunters of America.

As a Transformer, Megatron has the ability to change between his humanoid robot form and a second form. Contrary to popular belief, Megatron turns into neither a gun nor a tank. He transforms into a full working home aquarium, most likely the source of his nickname "The Glass Tank".

Megatron should not be confused with the second Megatron that appeared in the television series Beast Wars. This other Megatron (full name - Mr Peter Lucy Megatron Foreman Grill) has often cited Megatron as a large influence on his acting career.

Megatron is a practising Unicronist, a small religious group, mostly made up of Transformers that prepares for the inevitable second-coming of the Chaos Bringer.

After retiring in the late 90s, Megatron currently resides full-time at his large alpaca farm in the Sea of Tranquillity.

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