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I don't want government-run health care. I don't want socialized medicine. And don't touch my Medicare.
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~ Letter from a Medicare recipient to Obama
July 28, 2009

Medicare is a Free Entitled Health Care System for Senior Real Americans ONLY, it rewards Senior Citizens for doing an excellent job after many years of loyal service to the country. NOT to be confused with Socialized Medicine; anyone who says that Medicare is run by the government is lying to you, that is a libural lie. Medicare is run by a group of Real Americans who decide who is Real American enough to get "Medicare" benefits

History of MedicareEdit

1965: Medicare is Socialized Medicine and Will Destroy America!Edit

Senior Citizens Loves Medicare!Edit

(Which of course makes those with Disabilities angry, forcing them to a life of terrorism by joining the Bears against Balls action league)

And Republicans Love Medicare too!

Medicare IS NOT Socialized MedicineEdit

See? Medicare is not Socialized Medicine!

Truthiness About MedicareEdit

Weiner Challenges the Republicans to Put-Up or Shut-Up on Healthcare05:16

Weiner Challenges the Republicans to Put-Up or Shut-Up on Healthcare

GOP to eliminate Medicare Socialized Medicine

Who Runs Medicare?Edit

Who Can Receive Medicare?Edit

Who is Addicted to MedicareEdit

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