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Typical Big-Boned people enjoying McDonald's in moderation.

Also known as "Mickey D's"

McDonald’s is an American-made restaurant where fatties go to buy food and get jolly and play with clowns. In the Nine-Eleven attacks, the McDonald's located on 42nd and 12th was targeted, because of its association with fat people (which islamo-terrorists seem to hate). McDonald’s "food" is composed of many exotic types of fats and lards, many genetically modified to make one as fat and ugly as possible, as well as other animal bi-products. Food materials are mostly imported dirt-cheap from poor countries in Africa to keep McDonald's as profitable a corporation as possible and an excellent addition to your investment portfolio.

McDonald's signature sandwich, the Big Mac, celebrated its 40th birthday on August 24, 2007! Happy Birthday, you killer-of-fat-people!

It has been said that when you stuff your belly full of McDonald's Big Macs, the dump you take the next morning is colloquially referred to as "dropping a clown." For example: "I ate 5 Big Mac's yesterday and this morning I dropped the biggest clown you've ever seen."


McDaddy loves you… now eat that burger or he will bitch slap yo ass!

All You Need To Know about McDonald'sEdit


McDonald’s helps your local community by hiring your babies! It's good for the economy!


They even provide employee discounts!


The New McDonald: Angrier, meaner, and veggier than ever!


Nothing has ever been the same ever since Ronald went all Hippie Vegan…

  • Makes people "Big-Boned", a.k.a "Fatties"
  • Stephen doesn't approve of Big-Boned folks.
  • There is no obesity epidemic in America, just a lot of fat people.
  • Nixo-Facto, McDonald's is not truthy enough yet.
  • Tupac is hiding in the ball pit in the play center. No, he's not dead.
  • Chicken Niggets are made from Chicken Slur which can include but is not limited to Black Chickens[1].
  • Shares the fight with KFC against the tyranny of the Burger King.
Jack in the Box Super Bowl Ad00:31

Jack in the Box Super Bowl Ad

McDonald's evil clown was driving the Bus that ran over Jack (In The Box) ...
Ronald McDonald was killed by Burger King man ( in hd with sound )00:23

Ronald McDonald was killed by Burger King man ( in hd with sound )

... but don't worry the Burger King evened the score.
Andy Dick Protests McDonalds!01:13

Andy Dick Protests McDonalds!

Unfortunately the clown returns as a hippie vegetarian zombie vampire.
The Truth About Ronald McDonald00:56

The Truth About Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald's dark secret...

Tupac SightingsEdit

DramaticQuestionMark Did you know...

McDonald's kills more people a year than smoking, but the Lefties aren't bitching at Ronald McDonald now are they?

It has been noted of recent Tupac sightings at McDonald's but no one seems to care anymore now that all these kids have their Hippity Hop.


I don’t know why, but suddenly I am scared of this new Ronald

What does all of this Jibber Jabber have to do with Stephen?Edit

Come on! What doesn't McDonald's have in common with our beloved Stephen?

  • McDonald's makes bellies fat, Stephen makes guts fat with truthiness.
  • When people think of America, they first think of Stephen, mother, apple pie then McDonald's.
  • Terrorists involved with the Nine-Eleven attacks, that Colbert is always preaching about, blew up a McDonald's in New York, as it is a staple of American dining.

See AlsoEdit

ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇00:30

ハッピーセット CM スポンジ・ボブ 「ハチャメチャびっくり」篇

It seems our products in Japan are working too well

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