Mayor Stubbs

Mr. Stubbs.


Mayor Stubbs has been the mayor of a small Alaskan town for about 15 years. The part-manx was named mayor of Talkeetna shortly after he was born, his campaign headquarter was inside his mother's uterus so he ran a fierce pro-life campaign. He also ran on a platform to legalize catnip and tax cuts for the wealthy.

As the story goes, about 15 years ago, some residents of Talkeetna were unhappy with the candidates who were running for mayor, so Stubbs decided to enter the race on the promise of creating jobs, lower property and corporate taxes, and end the bear occupation of Alaska. He won 99% of the vote. Since then, he has held the title of mayor.

Stubbs mostly hangs out at Nagley's General Store, where thousands of tourists ask to see him every year. Many think he is just another Washington fat cat.

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