Jihadists are really going to appreciate a shot of Jager when they come down off all that acid.

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Christianity >> Matrixism > Islam

An ingenious social engineering meme, disguised as a religion, that has been created by Stephen Colbert and propogated by heroes. This meme/religion or "memigion" was designed with the dual purposes of a.) Tricking Muslims and other Godless heathens into becoming Christians and b.) Shoving the truth, namely that Wikipedia is a collection of left wing Communist untruthiness, down the flabby gullets of factonistas.


Matrixism was conceived as a way to "con" (short for convert) Muslims into doing psychedelic drugs thus subsequently making them give up the jihad and accept Jesus as their personal savior. Towards this end Stephen Colbert invited hippie liberal Daniel Pinchbeck onto his show so that he could nail down so-called mind expanding drugs like LSD and "magic mushrooms" as completely un-American. That way Muslim jihadists would immediately start taking these drugs because, as everyone knows, Muslims love everything that is un-American.

If all goes according to plan many Muslim jihadists will be too busy tripping their brains out to notice the cruise missles headed directly into their bunkers. When the smoke clears the remaining jihadists will be so beaten down that they will readily accept Jesus as their personal savior and gladly allow western corporations to come into their countries and pump out all of their oil.

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