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Matchmaking is a feminine activity that precedes marriage and involves m any girlie things like shopping, gossiping and most likely hair-combing as well.

History Of MatchmakingEdit

Matchmaking In UnAmerican CulturesEdit





The Middle EastEdit


Matchmaking In AmericaEdit

On The InternetsEdit


User Name: HardBodyStud4U
You meet the nicest people at

On the Internets Personals you get to lie about:

  • WHO: You really are.
  • WHAT: You weigh, look like, do for a living and activities you enjoy.
  • WHEN: You were really born.
  • WHERE: You live and went to school.
  • WHY: You can't get laid and have to resort to trolling the Internets.
  • HOW: Often you work out, much money you really make and generally pathetic you are.

In truthy you get to lie about everything. Then hope when your date shows up at Starbucks they also lied and are really as fat, ugly, stupid and disgusting as you. Or too desperate to care.

On TVEdit

With RobotsEdit

How The Gays Are Ruining MatchmakingEdit

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