Master Debater
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Master Debater
is an American Man of God!!!
Master Debater agrees with Rush,
No Quantity of Dead or Injured Soldiers is sufficient; No exit strategy is necessary.

He looks familiar

Godly Wash O'Hanley from Landover Baptist Church. Has never been defeated in debate--hence a Master Debater. However, the only reason he has never been defeated is because he's never appeared on the Colbert Report.

Wash O'Hanley is a member of the Landover Baptist Chruch, is Freehold's leading voice in political punditry and is a self-proclaimed "Master Debater". Best known for his afternoon radio show, Wash is also a popular author who has penned such classics as "How Minorities, Liberals and Homosexuals Want to Murder You and Rape Your Children", "Gay Jew Homo-Nazi Abortions" and "Gay Jew Homo-Nazi Abortions (For Kids!)" which have garnered much popularity and praise. Wash got his start covering the Falkland War from a Club Med where the sounds of mines exploding were close enough to "ruin Karaoke Night". Wash is the face of work ethic, once broadcasting a 96 consecutive hour show during the Lewinskigate. "Around hour 65 I was convinced my stagehand, Mark, was a ninja assassin sent by Cokie Roberts to murder me so I viciously attacked him in the men's bathroom with my mic, using the stand as a bludgeon and the cord to strangle him." While not the most knowledgeable on Christianity, Wash asserts that he is "familiar" with the Bible and believes "whatever a majority of my listenership believes". Popular segments on the Wash O'Hanley show include "Boycott Logic", "Liberal Watch 2007: A Blacklist", "Wash's Enemies List", "President For Life" and "Who Would Reagan Kill?". Wash has lived an illustrious life reporting on wars, writing books, having the most popular Right-Wing radio show in all of South-Eastern Iowa and even starring in a short lived Saturday morning debate show "Wash O'Hanley and the Bay City Rollers Debate Hour", so what does the future hold for Wash? Wash wants to spend time with his family, continue his radio show and is even working on another book.

Personal quote: "Mr. Bush, this is NOT a banana in my pocket."

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Master Debater
is a Truthiness Crusader!

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