Despite what you may have heard
Mary Cheney
Is totally not lesbionic!
Mary Cheney
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America

Mary Cheney
is Very Manly™.

Playtime for the Cheney-Poes.

Mary Cheney is the "daughter" of former President Vice President, Dick Cheney who in 2006 announced "she" was pregnant. How she became pregnant is not clear. Speculation is rampant that she may or may not have been impregnanted by Stephen Colbert's Formula 401 man-root seed.

The real question is how it was she who became pregnant, rather than her "roommate". According to The Laws of The Heavenly Father, the one who is the chick gets pregnant, the dude is the one who goes to work and takes out the trash.

So, that means Mary is the chick and the other guy is the dude, which means he must be a real bull, 'cuz Mary is way butch.

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