Martha Stewart is a food whore.

All she wants to do is mix crap together just to get her name in the paper, or in this case, in someone's internets tubes.

Space LunchesEdit

Now, Ms. Stewart (Inmate #55170-054) is making some crap for her rich boyfriend for his trip to outer space! WTF!?

The menu includes:

  • constipation casserole - so the travelers will not need to get out of their spacesuits for days,
  • a garland of capers - so the capers don't float around the cabin, they are strung like garland,
  • prune-free prune juice - to prevent intermittent use of the bathroom,
  • recycled chocolate - it is important that recycling be practiced in space,
  • auto-unlocking edible handcuffs - edible handcuffs that automatically unlock in zero gravity,
  • pretend mystery cake - ingredients, including the chocolate icing are easily found in the spaceship,
  • space rotisserie chicken - fresh chicken suffocated in space and then cooked to perfection using the power of cosmic radiation and solar flares,
  • quail roasted in Madiran wine,
  • duck breast confit with capers,
  • shredded chicken parmentier,
  • apple fondant pieces,
  • rice pudding with candied fruit,
  • semolina cake with dried apricots

Hey, that's a lot of fruit for a guy, Martha!

Please assist Ms. Stewart (Inmate #55170-054) with the kinds of dishes you would like to have for your space vacation!

Add A Lunch BelowEdit

  • Spam lunch - if it's good for Hawaiians, it's good for astronauts

Hey, Martha! Pack This!Edit

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