I am Mark Sanford and my lawyer swears I'm not a
Fox Nation2
'Allo Guv'nor!
Mark Sanford
is the governor of South Carolina

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I could digress and say that you have the ability to give magnificent gentle kisses, or that I love your tan lines that I love the curve of your hips, the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself) in the faded glow of the night’s light....
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~ Mark Sanford, Secret Mooslim Democrat
Mark Sanford’s secret email to Maria, his mistress terrorist contact. Thursday, July 10, 2008, 12:24 a.m.

The two magnificent parts of Miss Maria that corrupted Mr. Sanford.

Governor Mark Sanford was the Democratic (if Fox News says it, it must be true) governor of South Carolina when Dr. Colbert "Better Knew" him for his new segment, Better Know A Governor on January 21, 2008.

Governor Sanford was also the Chairman of the Republican Governors Association, but when the Association found out that Sanford was actually a Democrat, he was kicked out and told never to come back!

January 21, 2008 Better KnowingEdit

South Carolina flag does not have pictures of slaves on it
  • did not disagree with Dr. Colbert when he asserted that Protestants are heretics
  • if he ever found himself on Death Row, his BBQ sauce pick would be "mustard"

Out And Proud Of His Exciteless OrientationEdit

Mark is incredibly boring. He hopes one day to be compared to a manilla envelope glued to a beige wall.

One can assume that his love of solitude is in pursuit of that dream.

Good luck, Mark. We hope you can achieve the pinnacle of your blandest dreams.

Ties To Terrorists?Edit


The democrat governor admitting to cheating on his wife and disappointing his four sons.

Governor Sanford has some 'splaining to do.

It seems he has a terrorist in his past, and we're not talking one of those swarthy, mustachioed Arabs, no.

Nor are we talking about an overweight hairy and sweaty native island woman. We're talking about a hippie!

It seems the liberal beast tricked Marky-Mark to work against education!

America forgives you, Mark. We know you didn't mean to join forces against America.

We know you didn't mean to bomb federal buildings or hide those facts from anyone.

But, the time is now to admit your mistake.

Just think, once you discuss it on TV and clear the air, you can join the Future Born Again Christians Club.

Is Official: Mark Sanford is a Secret Mooslim Democrat!![1]Edit


Where are these Secret Democrats coming from????

Where in The World is Mark Sanford?Edit


Where in The World…?

Since June 18, 2009 Mr. Sanford mysteriously disappeared without a single word to anyone. We suspect that Mr. Sanford was kidnapped by bearrorists and are seeking...

According with official sources, Mr. Sanford decided to leave his office to spend more time with his family...

Since June 18, Mr. Sanford has decided that he wanted to spend more time with himself. He is at the moment hiking the Appalachian Trail and wont be returning until next week. Liburals have accused Mr. Sanford of neglecting his official duties as a Governor. Hey! Leave the man alone! Mr. Sanford needs to take a long rest after being forced to accept the stimulus package go into State Welfare.[2]

Update (June 24, 2009): Mark Sanford Returns from Argentina!Edit

(Wait, what the hell was he doing in Argentina???) ~ Mutopis

Mr. Sanford returned from his trip to Argentina, after sleeping the Father's Day weekend snorting coke off an underage hookers' asses after spending his days doing "Tango" and taking long walks on the beatch.[3]

When Mr. Sanford returned from his trip, he was surrounded by a mob of reporters in the airport expecting a response as to why he abandoned the people of South Carolina for a few days. For his response, Mr. Sanford started to sing:


♫♪Don’t Cry for Me Carolina…♫♪

♫♪It won't be easy, you'll think it strange

When I try to explain how I feel

that I still need your vote after all that I've done♫♪

♫♪You won't believe me

All you will see is a gov you once knew

Unemployment rate higher than nine

Still no stimulus for you♫♪

♫♪I had to let it happen, I had to go

Legislative sessions making me feel low

Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun♫♪

♫♪So I chose freedom

Buenos Aires, prostitutes and blow

I never went hiking at all

Did you really expect me to♫♪

♫♪Don't cry for me Carolina

The truth is I never left you

All through my wild days

My sad existence

I kept my promise

Don't keep your distance♫♪

♫♪And as for hookers, as for cocaine

I just invited them in

A few days with them was all I desired♫♪

♫♪They are illusions

They are not the solutions they promised to be

The answer was here all the time

I love you and hope you vote for me♫♪

♫♪Don't cry for me Carolina ...♫♪

♫♪Have I said too much?

There's nothing more I can think of to say to you.

But all you have to do is support me

in 2012♫♪

Lyrics by aissle

The womanEdit


Come and keep your comrade warm, governor

Maria’s reply to Mr. Sanford
~"Dont Cry For Me Sanford"
María Belén Chapur04:37

María Belén Chapur

According with our sources, Maria was there during 9/11… SHE IS A TERRORIST!!!!

Mr. Sanford is in love!! Please leave the poor guy alone, at least he wasnt messing with a hooker or a Congressional page.

The Future for Mark SanfordEdit

Emo sanford

Mark “Emo” Sanford, leader of the “Five Days Crying”

Mr. Sanford expressed and interest in starting his own Emo band, after he was told that his emails showed some potential (really, it does have potential!). Many agree that he is just too emo for politics...

If you don't stop making fun of
"Mark Sanford"
he's going to start cutting himself!

Sadly he has since slithered into congress beating out Busch-Colbert.

When asked for opinion our beloved Stephen merely said "Fuck Mark Sanford."

Mark Sanford

Mark Sanford's Other WomenEdit


Lies! His fault is that he just loves too much!

It has come to our attention that Mark Sanford may have more than one mistress in the past... bastard! Where does he find these women?? I cant even get a date!

I just wanna say to him. YU DA MAN!

I mean, sure he betrayed extended the sacred union of a man and a woman... with other women. But at least he didnt betray that union with another man. Plus Sanford is reinforcing that sacred union with other women, that way he has multiple unions! After all God said "to go forth and multiply", so Sanford went to Argentina (and possibly other foreign countries) and "Allegedly" multiplied with other women... can we blame him for being a devoted Christian?

Mark Sanford's Secret HaremEdit



In a bombshell interview he told reporters "I'm a bottom".[5]

Emergency Wrist: Mark Sanford victim of Wrist Violence!!Edit

Mark Sanford has become the latest victim of wrist violence! When will it end???

External TubesEdit

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