Mariah Carey
Was an Uber Hottie but has committed an act of Hottie Treason!
She has angered Stephen Colbert and made The Baby Jesus cry.
She is banished to Hell to be Martha Stewart's hand maiden.

Mariah Carey
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!
You don't have to be
high on painkillers
to boogie down to Mariah Carey.
Mariah Carey,
when you touch yourself you make The Baby Jesus sad!
Keep your hands where we can see them!

Mariah Carey is a big moneymaker in the music business. She is also officially a Scientist, & Mathologist, since her most recent album is entitled E=mc2.

She is famous for her voice, high sales and losing Grammy nominations to U2, Kelly Clarkson and Aretha Franklin. She has contibuted to the Stephen & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Miss Carey is known for her insanity and boobs, both of which are enormous.

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