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Maria Bartiromo
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process
Maria Bartiromo
is a "Certified Chick!"
You Go Girl!
Maria Bartiromo
helps Americans better understand
The Free Market
America thanks you, Maria Bartiromo

The portrait that will go on the new $11 bill

Maria Bartiromo is the shapely hostess of a show on CNBC. She talks about money or something.

And she's hot!

September 18, 2008 NailingEdit


  • Market sold off
    • everyone is worried that the banks need money
      • the banks now need capital because of the bad loans
  • zombie stockbrokers
    • rule the night
    • feast on human flesh
  • she advises relaxation
  • stockholders of AIG did not get a bail out
  • Dr. Colbert defines the free market
  • the bigger the screw up the more likely you will receive a government bail out
  • diversify
    • bury in the backyard and hide it in the mattress
  • gold is okay
  • punditry is always a good investment

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