Margin of Error


1. often confused with "margarine of error", commonly called butter, it is a phenomenon of objective interpretation expanding into the world of Poll Smoking, particularly important in the ever-conflicting world of politics.

The Margin of Error is a means in which a member of the liberal elite can use truthiness as a weapon against the warriors of Conservatism.

For example, when the latest polls come in showing President Bush has a 59% approval rating, the media is unhappy with the result. Therefore, they can say President Bush has a 19% approval rating, with a 40% "margin of error". However, in most polls, the "margin of error" is not vocalized, simply left as text. In approval ratings, it is indeed left in text, but a false number is shown in view while the true number is usually blurred to the point where you need the definition of a television not yet invented to see it with any clarity.

"Margin Of Error"
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