Margie Christoffersen
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America

Marjorie "Margie" Christoffersen is a helpless business woman who kept her private religious and political beliefs secret in her closet, as prescribed in The Bible. But, homosexuals who infiltrated her secret, private closet decided to target her for her support for God and The Greatest President Ever.


Margie's privacy ended one day in 2008, when The Lord spoke to her in her Los Angeles gourmet restaurant El Coyote commanding her to donate to the passage of a law which would reverse special rights given to the homos at the expense of normal, Christian Americans. Margie did as she was instructed by The Creator Of All Life On Earth with her minuscule $100 donation (search "Marjorie Christoffersen, El Coyote Cafe, Los Angeles, 90036).

Margie Had No ChoiceEdit

Unlike the homos who chose to be gay, Margie couldn't choose what to do with her money--God told her what to do with it!

It's not her fault!

Margie is an innocent, not like those gays who frequented El Coyote and did not understand Margie's compact with The Lord.

Margie Finds Herself A Target Of The Gay AgendaEdit

All The Gays knew was whatever Satan's Handmaiden told them. Satan's Handmaiden instructed them to boycott her business, even though their money kept Margie in business and she used a part of it to take their rights away.

None of this mattered. Margie followed God's plan and the gays were only thinking of themselves.

How Will It All End?Edit

In this life, who knows? The liberal media by pushing the gay agenda with all their coverage biased against her try desperately to make Margie look bad and like a victim of her own behavior and helpless and pathetic and unable to control her own behavior among other things that Margie did, but was not responsible for.

However, in the next life, Margie is sure to be in Heaven with The Baby Jesus, while the gays will be Hell, sweatin' to the oldies with Richard Simmons and Satan.

I am Margie Christoffersen and and my lawyer swears I'm not a

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