God Touching Adam
"Manifest Destiny"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

Native American (had to get rid of them)

Manifest Destiny is the idea in the American people's mind that our great nation should extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. This was obviously god's intention when he put the holy white man on North America. Some sissy liberals thought that the native Americans had a claim to their ancestral lands. Lucky for us, true Americans stomped that idea out of the heads of any dissenters. We systematically killed or pushed the native Americans into the least desirable spots of the country.

This is what we wanted

The American - Mexican War Edit

After we had the native Americans out of the way we had bigger fish to fry, the Mexicans! In 1846 we could not continue our destiny of controlling the entire continent because the dirty Mexicans controlled the remaining land between the Pacific Ocean and our own borders. So we did what Americans do when we want something, we kill people and then take it. This began the American-Mexican War. It was not long and we attacked the Mexican army and basically kicked them in the teeth until they surrendered the remaining land. On February 2nd 1848 the treaty of the Guadalupe was signed by Nicholas Trist. This gave us the territories of California, Utah, Arizona, and parts of modern day Colorado and New Mexico.

This is what we were up against......... just too easy.

Mission Complete Edit


America : *uck Yeah!!!!!!

After forcing all red and brown men into submission the holy white man now controlled the majority of North America. The United States finally extended from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. America had begun a new, and still standing policy of kicking asses and taking what we want.

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