Malcolm V, the fifth champion of civil rights to go by the name of Malcolm.

Malcolm V was the fifth gentleman to carry the title of Malcolm.

Becoming the MalcolmEdit

The bleached-white, festering arm of Malcolm IV was found by his young apprentice Tavarius sticking up out of his fish bowl. Upon taking the sabre held in rigor mortis by its burnt white hand, the new Malcolm hurled eleven more times than his master had when he had become the Malcolm. Unfortunately, Malcolm V's expulsions caused his beloved pet guppies to die, and he vowed to atone for his accidental sins. This set the stage for the events of his life to take place...sort of.

Major AchievementsEdit

In his defense of freedom, Malcolm V fought for civil rights and sacked Troy during the course of his proud and triumphant career.

The Death of Malcolm VEdit

Tragically, the life of Malcolm V was cut short at age 37 when he was mistaken for a Roman emperor because of his old first name by the general of Carthage and sworn enemy of Rome, Hannibal. While fixing himself a breakfast of bacon and eggs and waiting for his apprentice Schipio to return from his morning jog, the fifth Malcolm was attacked from behind by Hannibal, who immediately tore off his right arm with his razor-sharp teeth.

Malcolm V knew that his death was upon him. As Hannibal proceeded to systemically dismember and devour the rest of his body, he bleached his severed arm white and clenched the fingers of his right hand around the hilt of the sabre of Malcolm according to tradition and left it lying in a puddle of melting ice as he succumbed to becoming the breakfast/dinner of his adversary.


Schipio did not return from his jog until after Hannibal, a native African male and therefore a black man by proxy, had picked up the sabre and inadvertently taken the title of Malcolm VI thus.

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