"Making A Killing"
was featured by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. on "The Wørd" segment of "The Colbert Report"
For all wørds featured, click here, for's dictionary, click here.

F14 once a symbol of American military might

14 tomcat tomkat flew in top gun

retired f-14 last year

76,000 leftover parts - expensive parts

Oregon Senator Ron Weiden

stop arming iran act

not selling to iran

selling to foreign arms deealers, not asking

ban export that can conceivably used against us

crazy president Mahmoud Ahmeninimamasaymamasawmemicoojad


must sell as fast as we can the market is Hot

supply demand

iran only flies f-14

the only customer is always right

cheapest war we ever fought

sell them the parts

shoot up their planes

sell them parts for their shot-up planes

Perpetual War Machine

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Making A Killing
needs to be Colbertized
Please watch and take notes from
the correct episode of The Colbert Report to get it right!

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