Helen Thomas
Mainstream Satirists
Belongs to The Vast Left-Wing Media Conspiracy

Like the mainstream media, they gaze down from their ivy towers of success and abuse freedom of speech in a retarded way to make fun of those who bravely serve in the poorly furnished offices of Washington. They consider themselves satirist but they’re really all just liberals and have contempt for corruption, greed, incompetence and political hackery. All the while, ignoring "targets" that just haven’t been (figuratively) bombed enough, yet.

Filled with hate-fuel grudges, they use their unproductive and immature “humor” to attack their adversaries of jesus's political party. They have no intent on making you laugh; any urge to do so should be denied at any cost.

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Quote open clear3 We're calling it news with a sense of humor . . .It's a show that satirizes the targets that have been missed by the mainstream satirists on TV. Quote close clear2
~Joel Surnow
on how we're gonna get those liberals. ~

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