This is the first time I have ever considered siding with zombies.

Holy Sh#t, this is going to be an awesome Halloween after all. First we have the Fear Rally and now this. According with international correspondants the Communist Bear Army launched a surprise attack against the Communist Zombies Party. The attack was unexpected and it is already causing a stir in Communist Russia.

The Zombie Army has promised that there will be vendetta against the treacherous act against their Zombie brethren, "We were warned about the dangers of having an Alliance with the Bears, but we foolishly believed that we could work together for a strong Soviet Union. I was wrong" declared the Zombie of Joseph Stalin.

Hippie scientists blame Global Warming for the raising Bear attacks against zombies, "Global Warming has damaged the bears food supplies and have forced them to make a very hard choice: either commit an act of cannibalism by eating other bears or to hunt down Zombies and eat their zombie flesh to survive the comming winter. The bears chose to eat Zombies, even cannibalism is a step too far, even for bears."                               ...story continues...

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