The Game Edit

Mah jong is a game played both by Asians and Jews and usually are dominated by these groups. There are many styles of mah jong including those that are played with cards to the asian methods that require precise knowledge and quick reflexes. Studies have found that intense mah jong battles can result in epilepsy under the right conditions. Other studies show that mah jong can help speed the reflexes of those in training for competitions. Whatever the study is, it may be a proven fact that for some reason, the western european world has not been able to conquer this game or its secrets, unlike its prior experiences with Asia, where military battles are won, but battles over betting are lost. Some research has shown that monks use this intense form of mind training as a way to remain pure from the societal desires and allows them to live longer than most others in the world, although to this point it is still under research.

The Experience - Mah Jong Midnight Madness Edit

At the completion of the tutorage of companions to play with (four people are needed to play), the commencing of the MAH JONG MIDNIGHT MADNESS begins. With the commencement of this great ceremony, oftentimes, players are so absorbed in the game that they are resistant to all attacks, mental, physical, spirtual, from bears, from canadians, and even from mutant frogs that have gained bearish attributes. The main idea of this madness is play ALL DAY LONG. The only breaks that are allowed are to use the restroom. thats it. breakfast, lunch, dinner, all eaten while still playing. no exceptions. At the end of at least 10-12 hours (must play through midnight at some point)(ex 11 am - 1 am or 9 am to 4 am), then the madness can be simmered to a slow boil where the game ends. On special occasions, the start of the madness begins on a Sunday, so that after it passes midnight, the game officially becomes MAH JONG MONDAY MIDNIGHT MADNESS. Loser gots to buys the ice cream, and winner well is the winner. Since the game has so much contact, the sport can be considered one like running a marathon, first one to start losing or falling asleep, gets trampled. The games are epic.

Relation to Stephen Colbert Edit

Mah Jong was invented by squirrels, who, in their infinite intelligence, devised a game so captivating to society's most industrious people that it has reduced China to lazy communism. Mah Jong is a frenemy in that it is so damn fun but also the work of evil mammalian creatures.

Mah Jong Greats Edit

Two-Timin' T

The Corporation

Cheatin' Chairman


The Mac Attack


Kathy Bernstein

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