Magick & GodEdit

Magick is all around us. It is universal and has existed since before time. Many conservative humans fear magic since it is a phenomenon that they don't fully understand. Just as our ancestors thought the world was flat and feared falling the edge if they went too far, so has it always been that humans fear that which they cannot explain or understand.

God created man in his own image, so it would stand to reason that we may have a hint of untapped divine abilities that we cannot possibly understand at this stage of our evolution. In attempts to explain some of these abilities, we have coined terms such as Magick, Psychic, Supernatural, etc.

Ultimately, humans are on this earth in order to work on reaching their full spiritual potential. Spirituality cannot be developed without exploring the self. And that includes our DIVINE self with all its psychic, magic and supernatural (whatever you wish to call it) aspects. We are not just "flesh & bones" we are soul, spirit, energy connected to the universe in a carefully balanced web. 

In continued attempts to understand the supernatural world around us, humans have created religion. A social force that often acts to suppress our natural God given curiosity by instilling fear and promoting hate mongering. While spirituality has given us a direct "connection" to our divine Father, established religion has felt threatened since it is not needed as a means to establish such divine connection. In efforts to save itself, it has condemned anything and everything under the label of spirituality, new age, magic, paganism, supernatural etc.

God is everywhere- "with you, within you, and all around you" (Jesus said this himself-re: Book of Thomas) not just in a building with a steeple. The spiritually advanced among us recognize this.

You cannot "destroy" magick anymore than you can destroy a hurricane, since it is a force that exists naturally. You may eventually be able to control aspects of it, just like we may eventually be able to control other destructive forces in nature, BUT you cannot destroy it. Only GOD can do such things.

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