Foods or Beverages

Gay Appetizers

San Francisco's premiere gay catering service: "Mags for Fags."

Maggots are the preferred food source for the gays (barely beating out fetuses). If gay marriage becomes legal across America, maggots will become the default delicacy at gay wedding receptions. This disgusting love of maggots was revealed on an episode of The Colbert Report by America lover Dinesh D'Souza who blew the lid off of the gays depraved eating habits.

Though not explicitly stated by D'Souza, it can be inferred that the gays enjoy eating maggots because they are phallic shaped and squirm around the mouth before being swallowed. Also, maggots subsist on dead or decomposing flesh. By consuming the maggot without chewing, the gay attempts to clean out the rotting area that their soul used to occupy. What the gay is unable to realize is that they must fill their empty God-shaped Hole with Jesus Christ in order to be saved.

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