The Apple Macintosh (also known as the Apple, the Mac, OSX, and Hey You Mac) is one of the most American computers on today's market, even though it is made by an evil corporation.

Do not confuse the Macintosh computer with Edit

  • Mac OS, which is what runs on your Macintosh computer
  • The McIntosh apple, which surprisingly has better processor speed

Why the Macintosh is American Edit

  • It costs lots and lots of money for no apparent reason. Buying it will stimulate the economy.
  • People who are too lazy to get free virus protection don't have to worry about viruses, because none are written for the Mac.
  • It looks cool, like expensive cars and, um, stuff.
  • Macs know that if you don't work, you don't eat. So by keeping almost all games away from it, you have to get work done, or else waste time looking up porn.

Why the Macintosh is Un-american Edit

  • There is no free market system for the Mac. You can only run Mac OS with Mac parts on a Mac.
  • It never breaks. How will computer technicians ever get paid?

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