Mr. Allen is wearing "Tainted" fifth row down, farthest right.


Ask Me, I'll tell you

Macaca is one of the only truly invented words.

Senator George Allen is the only person on Earth who can define it for you. The basic definition for laymen is "I hate black people, Indian people, Asian people, and my mom. If you aren't a white, pure in blood, southern confederate, flagaphile, chances are I hate you too. The South Shall Rise Again, Amen."

Some facty, liberal dictionaries would define it as: A racial slur used against Arabs or dark-skinned people of North Africa meaning "monkey". This is from his self-consciousness about his dark, monkey-like lips. Hence, he wears lipstick to cover it up.

As a musical instrumentEdit

Mexicans like to shake macacas. Due to their outrageous accents, the word is often heard incorrectly as "maracas". These are not to be confused with Moroccans, who are supposedly from Africa and probably aren't real.

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is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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