Abandon Truthiness All Ye Who Enter This Internets Tube!
"M Theory"
discusses one of the Liberal's Ridiculous Theories and Notions.
M Theory
is science-related, sending it straight to hell.

M theory, like gravity and color theory, is liberal propaganda to confuse good Americans about the nature of the universe. It states that the universe is made of tiny strings of energy, which can not possibly be true because the universe is made of God-fearing, law-abiding, hard working American citizens.

History of M theoryEdit

M theory was created in 1971 by three communist Physicists searching for a means of creating a socialist insurgency in the American political landscape by commandeering the reins of the Democrat party. Their plans were foiled three years later by six Republican senators and two Catholics.

A resurgence of M theory research began in 1999 when the decendant of Karl Marx, Marcus Marx, established a secret laboratory in southern Arizona and began propagandistic operations throughout the region.

Combatting M theoryEdit

Just remember that this "theory" has been widely published and is, therefore, malicious lies. If a scientist ever mentions strings or parallel universes or dimensions, know that he is un-American and probably unemployed and sever ties.

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