Colbert wag
isure cant figir ot wat this pag sais yuo neds to fixx it.
two be esier too reid so im goin put it on teh notis bored

Please make sure your gut knows how to spell, punctuate, format, and use proper grammar.

Al Franken
MSN has earned

Brokeback mountain people chatting


MSN ("men seeking nectar") Messenger - is a popular free instant messaging client for homosexual communists charged with spreading gay communist ideals among America's youth.

Who is behind of all this? Edit

The slippery-slop chat program was put together by a group of homosexual lawyers from a gay communist organization located somewhere in Florida (the US government of course knows where it's located, but aren't seeking any immediate action) Instead, they're working on a tentative plan to cut Florida off and away from the rest of continent and replace it with an Americanized Japan. (who actually have "secret" ties with the Cuban government ((which are not really secret because nothing can be kept secret form US government))

Instead, See Edit

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