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Giuliani dance
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Mc rove

MC Rove gets jiggy with it on stage.

MC Rove is the slightly cooler alter-ego of Presidential Advisor and plump nerd Karl Rove.

Wicked Stylin's Edit


Wørd to your mother!

His signature dress is a tuxedo with baggy yellow pants. His performances are marked by awkward 1980s new wave dancing and the scary talent of being able to switch between growling and screeching vocals at the drop of a hat.

MC Rove is a rare talent who is able to both bust-a-move and get jiggy with it. You simply can't touch that! But even more significantly, he is considered to be one of a handful of people who can protect the free world and bust a move simultaneously. That takes more balls and testosterone than Floyd Landis.

Rise to Infamy Edit


MC Rove's debut album Too Far Right To Fight.

MC Rove became famous in late March 2007, when he performed his now-famous track Iraq Killer on stage at the Radio and Television Correspondents Association annual dinner.

However, he had long plied his trade on the mean streets of D.C., at first going under the stage name The Notorious F-A-T. In 2000 he only just lost out to Eminem for a record deal.

In 2002 his debut album, Too Far Right To Fight was published under the ChickenHawk record label. Backup vocals snarling was provided by Dick Cheney and Donny Rumsfeld, with The Greatest President Ever providing human beatbox on the tracks Iraq Killer and Straight Outta Colorado.

Popularity with the KidsEdit

Karlrovejag opt

MC Rove was featured on the popular Kids show, Punk'd.

MC Rove's music career was such a sucess that he became popular with the kids. He was soon the most requested performer ever on The MTV.

MC Rove was even featured on the popular show Punk'd. On Punk'd, Hollywood starlet Ashton "the Kutch" Kutcher covered MC Rove's "donk" (car) with missing White House tapes from the Nixon administration.

Today, MC Rove is as popular as Elvis with the Kids.

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MC Rove
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.

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