U R Here
Animated USflag
is one of the ways God Blessed America.

Actual Mountain Lion photo taken on MARTA, as you can tell, it gets real rough riding subways in the ATL.

MARTA or as it's nicknamed in Deliverence country, Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta [1], is the metropolitan Atlanta-area bus and subway system. It connects places like the airport (the one with all the layovers), the CNN Center, and a bunch of malls all together. It has been featured in Matlock and some Kim Bassenger movie as well. Other than that, it might acually take people places, it's hard to tell since most people drive everywhere.

Since it's begining of operations in the 70's, it has been constently overrun with Mountain LionsEpisode #485 as one can imagine. This was one of the major reasons Georgia passed the law to allow brave Americans to carry hand guns onto public transportation. To balance out the excessive number of mountain lions, MARTA officials have decided to reduce the number of open and operating public restrooms[2].

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