Bush flightsuit
Lt. General Kevin Kiley
shows the proper respect America's Military deserves

He came back to testify so people would know how hard he worked for his country, begins to cry after being asked to take an oath to "tell the truth".

Some liberals lacking the guts of Kevin C. Kiley, MC, USA, former Surgeon General, U.S. Army, accused George W. Bush of using Kiley as a scapegoat for the Walter Reed Army Medical Center. As Kiley himself would admit, he lacked and underestimated the greatest president's support for the troops. He gladly retired from his position after discovering how he failed the president and the troops.

Lieutenant General Kiley's love for his country was so strong, he was able to command his mother to give birth to him in Texas so that he could be that much more American.

His Life in FloridaEdit

Per the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, General Kiley's responsibilities included "building and maintaining a world class casualty care center system and achieving the highest medical readiness standards possible for the Army.

Command PostsEdit

  • Lt. General Kiley commanded women's parts in one of the Koreas.
  • From 2002-2004, he commanded the Army's premier medical facility, Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
  • Late in 2004, he became the 41st surgeon general of the Army after a long, distinguished career leading the Army's OB/GYN & thatchers departments.

Currently Statistics Mission 2008Edit

He is now in Iraq serving his country because of the war as the Third Surgeon Medical Doctor in command in the US Based Military camp in Baghdad and doing a good job there too.

Obecnie Statystyki Mission 2008 data-rte-fromparser="true"Edit

On jest teraz w Iraku służenia ojczyźnie z powodu wojny, jak Trzeci chirurg Lekarz w komendy w oparciu obozu wojskowego USA w Bagdadzie i robi dobrą robotę tam.

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