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  1. Gimme' a hug


Only should be between a man and a women or two women if you like it that way. Any other kind of love (like between two men) is awful and should never be thought of

A special relationship made of blind trust, life-threatening devotion and mildly arousing lust which every man has with his country.

It's also just a thing that someone says to another person so they'll sleep with them.

Love is a battlefield full-length mirror.

A great thinker once wrote:

What is Love?
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me
No more
What is love?
Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me
No more

Another Great Poet once asked a question on the minds of many a young couple:

How can we be lovers if we can't be friends?

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is a part of's dictionary, "Watch What You Say". For the full dictionary, click here.

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