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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
All the geography American schoolkids Need To Know.

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est trop Français
veuillez l'éditer pour le rendre plus vrai dans les tripes
Hey Ma!
Pack your banjo and chewin' t'backer, we fixin' to enjoy us some
Redneck land, U.S.A.
Capitol: Uh... Mexico City?
State Flower: Beads...but you wont be looking at the beads.
Official Language: Greekanise
State Bird: The Dodo Bird
State Mottos: SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!!! WOOO!!!.

Huricane Smuricane

Nickname: That state that's kinda shaped like a messed up boot. (not to be confused with Italy.)
Governor: Professor Plum
State Anthems: When the Levee Breaks.

Rock you like a huricane

Population: Mama, and those guys you see hangin' round the fishin' hole.
Standard MPH: As fast as your car boat can go.
Principal imports: Sympathy
Principal exports: Complaints
Principal industries: Water Removal
Fun Fact # 1 Joe Horn of the New Orleans Saints is watching you right now!
Fun Fact # 2: Contrary to popular belief, Louisiana was not part of the Louisiana Purchase. It was a lie told by Jefferson because the Arkansas Purchase sounded bad. We later gained Louisiana through the cold war


  • Some French people found it a really long time ago.
  • Louisiana is split into Counties Parishes by the French; whatever the heck that means. They're French what do you expect.


Few hurricanes here and there... but no biggy

Achieving StatehoodEdit

  • After a cajun dinner and using Voodoo manipulation Napoleon convinced Thomas Jefferson to buy the state and a lot of other land for $15 million; greedy bastards.

Lousiana TodayEdit

  • Still wringing out the water and praying for no rain.

Louisiana Landmarks that Survived KatrinaEdit

  • The French Quarter, but its French so who wants that.

Louisiana Landmarks that Didn't Survive KatrinaEdit

Famous Louisianans Who Survived KatrinaEdit

  • Everyones job in the Bush administration except Brownie.

Famous Louisianuns Who Didn't Survive KatrinaEdit

A Typical Day in Louisiana, Before KatrinaEdit

  • Celebrating, "its dry today", which is a popular state holiday.
  • Praying to the baby Jesus that Huricanes don't hit.

A Typical Day in Louisiana, Post KatrinaEdit

  • Repenting for your sins to the baby Jesus so another huricane won't come.
  • Praying for more dry days.
  • Mourning over your heap of debris.
  • Blaming the government for all of your misfortunes.
  • Exploring the newly discovered Atlantis.
  • Blaming the French for building a city in a flood prone area.

Banned Cock FightingEdit

  • On the 3-22-07 segment of Stephen Colbert's Sport Report, Stephen Colbert announced that Louisiana was banning one of his favorite sports, the noble sport of kings, known as cock fighting. No more hot cock on cock action in the Bayou State, and yet one more black mark on a sorry, sorry State, which is in a sorry, sorry state.

External TubesEdit

Charitable Organizations in Louisiana

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