Despite what you may have heard
Lou Perlman
Is totally not gay!

Lou may be fat, but apparently the police have handcuffs that fit even the most robust man


Lou (third from left) with one of the many boy bands he nurtured. Note: none of the lads look even remotely gay.

Lou Perlman is the man behind many American boy bands. Some people have tried to smear Mr. Perlman's good name by whispering that he might like boys that way.

But, there is no proof of that.

In factiness, Mr. Perlman pleaded guilty to money laundering and perhaps fraud, but not--not--to diddling little boys.

After all, he's fat and everyone knows no one likes fatties. And if he was really doing that kind of stuff with so many boys, don't you think their parents would have said something?

Where Are They Now?Edit

After all the chaos of the music business, Lou moved to a quieter setting, where he sees himself staying for up to 25 years.

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